Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Game 1 - Chase Field

Game one is in the books! We attended our first game yesterday afternoon as the Giants came in town to face the Diamondbacks. Barry Zito, and every 72 MPH fastball he brought from San Francisco, took on Joe Saunders. Fortunately, they had the dome closed as the temperature at game time was a sweltering 100 degrees. We ate lunch at Friday’s inside the stadium before the game, and it was great. The restaurant is above the left field bleachers, and was a great place to watch batting practice.

I couldn’t help but notice an abundance of sleeve tattoos. It seemed everyone had one. Girls, guys, babies, dogs, etc. Perhaps this is an Arizona thing? It’s not for me, but it does give me an extra incentive to give the hot dog vendor a larger tip when he tattooed nearly every inch of his arms.  

Throughout the trip, we are going to utilize a proprietary rating system for judging the overall ballpark experience at each park. The scale will consist of 1 to 5 Big Jim’s, with 1 being poor and 5 being outstanding.

**Editor’s note: My Dad, Big Jim, will be responsible for rating each park. His thoughts and associated ratings are his and his alone...)

After much discussion, Chase Field received:

Pros: Cleanliness, abundance concessions, and retractable dome. He was particularly fond of the Cold Stone Creamery ice cream! They also had a muscle cam (instead of a kiss cam), and a Circle K hot dog challenge. Relish edged hot dog by a nose, taking home first place!

Cons: Jersey colors, aircraft hangar feel. Well, losing 2 Big Jim’s for jersey colors seems a bit harsh if you ask me, but the park did have an airport hangar feel to it. Very large (49k seat capacity), made it feel like a football game. However, the views were great around the 100 level circle. And, the pool was pretty cool in the outfield!

Next up: a firsthand look at Albert Pujols in an Angels Jersey in Anaheim, California. Game time is 7:05 PMT.

PS: Big thanks go out to Jeanette Kiekbusch, and  http://www.marketing-shmarketing.com/  for all their help with the website. We couldn't have done it without you :) 


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