Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Game 7 - Seattle Mariners

We rolled into Safeco Field and parked the motor home near the Seahawks stadium. It's really cool how they've created a destination for sporting events in downtown Seattle. Both the Seahawks and Mariners stadiums are right next to each other, and they hold concerts, comedians, etc in a venue adjacent to them. There is something always going on and the area had a great vibe to it.

Although Safeco was built in 1998, you wouldn't know it by walking around the field. It's really beautiful, and cold!! The dome was open and the wind whipped through nearly every part of the field. The field views were incredible and the concessions were some of the best we've seen to date. Starbucks (of course), sushi,  and stir fried noodles to name a few. I think my favorite line of the trip happened in line at the Starbucks inside the stadium. Two buddies were waiting in line, clearly grabbing a coffee to chase the several beers they consumed prior to wanting a coffee. One guy turns to his buddy and says 'Man, I have to bring this up. Your mustache looks awful, and it's time to shave it. I'm sorry." 

This summed up our time in Seattle. Great time, great people. This was one of our favorites so far. And of course, the Mariners played the Angels and we got see Pujols hit a home run right by us.

Consequently, big Jim had nothing but good things to say about Seattle:

Pros: Stadium views, people, concessions, retail and hot dog stands outside stadium.
Cons: Wind.

***UPDATE: If you've been following these blog posts, you'll recall the players' wife we got stuck with on the elevator in Anaheim. Well, I ran into her again in Seattle and found out who she was there to see. Her husband, former Cardinal Dan Haren was throwing. She must have lightened up the days prior because Haren threw a complete game shutout with 15 K's...


  1. I was expecting your dad to be a harsher critic. Other than Oakland (which is, well Oakland) has he given anything less than 4 Big Jims to any park? I want some biting critiques! Im here for hyperbole!

  2. Never trust a man with a mustache