Thursday, May 31, 2012

Game 9 - Texas Rangers

We left Denver Monday night after the game in search of our old friend Sam Walton and one of his great Walmart stores. We made a reservation for the parking lot with the general manager of the Colorado Springs store and we setup the motor home for the night. My Mom and Dad grabbed dinner and I went for a ride on my bike. Unfortunately, training for this race pretty much consumes the free time I have when I'm not driving. If I can grab a quick run or swim in the morning, and bike when we are finished driving at night, I can usually get both workouts in.

We were pretty psyched to get to the Ballpark in Arlington to see the Texas Rangers play the Seattle Mariners. A former business partner of mine went to graduate school with one of the new owners of the Rangers, and he had given us his seats for the game. He told us we would be on TV all night, and he was right. They were without question the best seats we've ever sat in. It was an experience taking the elevator to the player level and walking out where the players and umpires walk. I was able to take some great pictures of the player areas under the stadium. 

The game was a complete blowout, with the Mariners scoring 21 runs and Texas never being able to recover. I have to hand it to Nolan Ryan, however, as he stayed for nearly the entire drubbing, only leaving his front row seat sometime in the eighth inning.

The Ballpark at Arlington is a great place. The people were fantastic, even giving us a ride to our motor home after the game!

I talked to my Dad about the integrity of his rating system should he keep throwing around five Big Jim's at each park, however, he didn't listen. This was a great ballpark, and the best stadium experience we've had so far. The buffet before the game, the seats behind home plate, and the ride back to our motor home after the game was just too nice.

Pros: Fantastic seats, incredible people, fun team to watch.
Cons: The box seats in center field were a little strange looking.

If we weren't Cardinals fans, the Rangers would be high on my list. They are an easy team to root for.



  1. Justin!!!

    I just got wind of what you guys are doing from my dad and my mom happened to forward me an email from a Springfield newspaper that led me to your blog. What you guys are doing is awesome!!! Sounds like so much fun. Love the blog and the pics. Say hi to your mom and dad for us!!


    1. Good to hear from you Tyson! I will tell them!

  2. Screw your triathlon training its been a week without an update. On the internet thats eternity. ETERNITY!