Monday, October 8, 2012

Game 27 - Chicago White Sox

Although a few weeks late, I wanted to get our blog up to date now that we've completed our tour of all 30 MLB parks! On Saturday night, August 7th, a large group of us headed over to the south side of Chicago to watch the White Sox. The Shea family was joined by my girlfriend Jeanette, our friends Bobby and Candace, and most of the Moore family. Since the renovation of Comiskey Park in five phases, over five years, starting in 2001, baseball has been much more enjoyable to watch on the south side. Plus, the White Sox have had some very good teams, including the World Championship team in 2005. The food, ballpark views, and on field product are on par with most teams in baseball.

It was a beautiful night for baseball, and we all settled into a large section in left field. It was great to have both Mackenzie and Courtney and their kids join us for a game and a nice weekend in Chicago.

 Miss Mia taking in her first Sox game

 Addison, Sam and Reese getting in on the action!

 Mia acting like she likes me.
Bobby, Candace, Jeanette, Addison and Reese.

Mia and her Momma.

Barb and Sam enjoying the game. 

Pop Up letting Mia lay it all out at the game. Most Sox fans go shirtless at home games.

Pros: Great team, much improved ballpark and spotted cow on draft in the Friday's Front Row grill. Also, Kenny Williams didn't trade Gio Gonzalez again during the game. 

Cons: A large fight broke out in front of us near the end of the game. 5-6 people were involved and it went on longer than it should. I don't know what it was about, nor do I think the people involved know what they were fighting about. Sad. 


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