Thursday, June 14, 2012

Game 13 - Miami Marlins

After seeing arguably the worst park we've visited yet in Tampa, we were really excited to see Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria's palace in Little Havana. Plus, I wanted to get a closer look at the home run dolphin fireworks display thingy.

Well, Marlins Park was everything we thought it would be, and more. As you approach the stadium, you're blown away by the size of the physical structure and how it fits on such a small lot. It's noticeable that several out parcel owners decided not to sell their homes / businesses surrounding the park, and Loria was forced to build around them.

Looking at the structure from the outside, it's easy to see Loria's love for all things art. It's beautifully done, a perfect blend of modern design and art deco finishes. Splashes of color lined the sidewalks, interior walls, and even areas of the playing surface. The Shea's have always liked color, and the Shea's liked this park.

My Dad wanted to give Marlins Park six Big Jim's, but I told him it wasn't possible. I'm tough, but I'm fair and I need to make sure a certain amount of integrity resides in the rating system. After a short, but terse conversation, we were on the same page. He would only have five faces to give out, no matter what.

Pros: Shiny and new!, colorful, incredible views from home plate. Food options aplenty. Awesome jumbo tron outside the stadium for people to watch the game.
Cons: None come to mind. But there were more Red Sox fans than Marlins fans for sure.


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