Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Game 14 - Atlanta Braves

On our way from Miami to Washington, D.C., we swung by Atlanta to makeup the game we missed earlier in the week. This would be the first time to Turner Field for any of us, and we were excited to see a nice Braves crowd on a Friday night.

We didn't have tickets to this game because we missed the game earlier in the week, but it was fairly easy to grab tickets near the parking lot. We entered the center field gates and decided to grab dinner at one of the outdoor seating options with views looking towards home plate. More and more of the new stadiums are putting in sit down restaurants in their ballparks, and I think it's a good idea. It's a great way to spread out, grab some food, and still enjoy the game.

After we ate, we took a tour around the park and one thing really bothered us. Being able to see the game as you circle the 100 level makes a huge difference. A majority of the older parks are closed off and I think it really limits the fan experience. BUT, Turner Field completely redeemed itself by putting in a Chick-Fil-A!
Is this real life? Baseball and Chick-Fil-A?

Big Jim enjoyed the park, but the limited views and lack of attractions surrounding the stadium were a detraction:

Pros: Great team, CHICK-FIL-A, water misters in center field, giant bongo drum
Cons: Limited views, lack of retail surrounding park, area a little sketchy

I had to share my peanuts with this guy, he gave me the stare down...


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  1. Oops we commented on wrong one... she's loving the chick fil a