Thursday, June 28, 2012

Game 20 - New York Mets

On Sunday, Jeanette and I toured Times Square and Central Park. It was Jeanette's first time in the city, so it was fun to show her as much of New York as we could fit into 24 hours. We had tickets to the Subway Series, Mets vs. Yankees, later that night at Citi Field, so our time spent with the Naked Cowboy in Times Square would have to be cut short.

We decided to take a cab to Flushing instead of the subway so it would be easier for my Dad and it ended up being a great decision. We arrived about an hour before game time to wait in the will call line for our tickets. We ran into Spike Lee, who was waiting in the same line, and we were nice enough to take a picture with him.

We secured our tickets, told Spike we would see him later, and headed into the park to meetup with my parents' friends, Bill and Ruth Yu. They were in town for a conference and we were going to catch up with them at Citi Field. My parents, Jeanette and I really enjoyed chatting with them for a few innings. 

As excited as we were to see Citi Field, we may have been more pumped to have our first Shake Shack experience. We waited in line for nearly an hour, but it was worth every minute of it. Burgers, fries, and black and white shakes for everybody...

We really liked Citi Field. It had arguably the best food options of all the ballparks we have visited and the center field area was great. The views from virtually every place in the park are great and Big Jim liked what he saw. The problem with Citi Field is the neighborhood surrounding the park. There isn't much to do once you leave Citi other than hop in a cab or jump in a subway. 

Pros: Food, views from all areas in the park, expansive layout
Cons: Surrounding neighborhood.

Some pictures of our day in New York.

She's a juicer!

Snakes on a plane!

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