Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Game 15 - Washington Nationals

After the Braves game on Friday night, we finished the 1,000 mile drive to Washington. D.C. We were looking forward to catching a game at Nationals Park and to see a young, exciting Nationals team play the Yankees. Plus, we were going to the game with some great friends. Anson, a friend of mine since we were in preschool, and Dave, a good friend from high school would join us for the game. Plus, I got to judge, I mean meet Dave's girl friend. After meeting her, I can't imagine why she's hanging around Dave. Perhaps she's confused? But I digress...we had a great day for a ball game.

We settled into our seats, cushioned I might add, behind home plate and watched two great teams go at it. I really enjoy D.C., and it was a lot of fun sitting in the sun and catching up with some good buddies. It was great to see some familiar faces on the road and to share a few laughs. I was also excited to see Bryce Harper play in person. He has such a violent swing and creates so much power towards the ball. After seeing him play, I believe the hype. He's going to be a special player. 

Nationals Stadium was beautiful, and we all had a great time. We couldn't have asked for better weather. My Dad really enjoyed the Stadium and its open layout. They had Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy too. However, there weren't many local food choices, and that kept the park from receiving 5 Big Jim's. Also, Dave insisting that my Dad get more stringent with his rating system seemed to backfire here, eh?

Pros: Great views, open layout, exciting player personnel, Anson lives here.
Cons: DC traffic, parking options, local food choices, Dave lives here.


  1. Reese says "Only 4 stars Pop-up... it's got chick fil a, I mean come on"!!!!

  2. FINALLY Im famous!

    Additional points:
    - Shes with me cause I took advantage of her PTSD. I told you, its a hell of a move.
    - I was super impressed with Nationals Park but 4 Jims is the max I would give it to because nothing in this damn town deserves a perfect score.
    - Dave living here is definitely a huge con. To Dave anyway.

    It was great to see you the fam (and Anson!) and great to make the blog. Only sad I couldnt follow you to Bmore and NYC. Thanks for letting me (and my short, loud girlfriend) be a part of it.