Friday, June 29, 2012

Game 21 - New York Yankees

On Monday night, a group of 11 of us headed to the Bronx to catch the Yankees play the Indians. Joining us would be my Uncle Mike, his fiance Karen, my buddies Jason, Derek and his friend Chris, and former co-workers and friends Dave, Rob and his wife Jackie. Unfortunately, we would all be sitting in different areas, but the positive was that all of our seats were incredible. Check out the seats my former boss got for my parents and Uncle mike and Karen. You can see my Mom in the middle of the picture next to the dugout. Before they settled into these great seats, they stuffed themselves with steak, crab legs, and dessert in the Legend Suite! My Mom also said she made eye contact with Derek Jeter in the dugout...I think nearly every woman in New York can make the same claim.

Derek, Chris, Jason and I sat up in the Delta Suite right behind home plate. A former business partner of mine was nice enough to give us his season tickets, and they were great. 

And we got great seats from the Yankees for Rob, Dave, and Jackie, 17 rows off the field, right behind the visitor dugout!

Rob, Dave, and I worked together for several years and they have become great friends. I couldn't have asked for better guys to work along side, and I really appreciated them taking the time to come to the game and visit with us. And it was great to meet Jackie, who recently completed her first marathon and is hooked!

From the outside, Yankee Stadium was as impressive as the new Marlins Park. Inside, I thought it was a bit bland, but the suite areas we were in were first class. Of course, my Dad had to give the stadium a great rating because he was sitting in seats usually reserved for Mayor Bloomberg. 

Pros: Great team, beautiful suites, friendly personnel, historic feel
Cons: Lack of color, or attractions in stadium. Bland feel.

I also wanted to take the time to thank my Uncle Mike and his fiance Karen for making the trip to New York for the game. I know it was a lot of work to fly out for such a quick trip, but my Dad really enjoyed getting to spend time with you and it is something he will never forget. I hope you guys feel the same.



  1. Let's not forget about Kate Upton just a few rows in front of us.... Probably the closest any of us will ever get.

    1. Haha that's right! I thought the standing ovation was for us, but perhaps not...

  2. FAIL! Seriously, you were within rows of Kate Upton and you 'forgot' to mention it? You might as well have written about Sept 11th and focused on what you had for brunch.

    Also, love Big Jim waving the bat in that last picture.